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Water Tank Selection

We have a wide range of water tanks from 85 litre up to 75,000 litre water tanks. We can also make bespoke water tanks from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), this means we can manufacture a water tank specific to your needs.

For more information please email here. We also have a large selection of pre-made GRP glass reinforced plastic) water tanks.

We have all different types of tanks for many different uses. These include storing water, oil and chemicals.

Our water tanks are mostly made of MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) and some of the larger industrial tanks are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) these are both strong durable materials that are perfect for storing water in.


Insulated Tanks

Potable Water Tanks
Potable Tanks

Water tanks make ideal water butts

The start of Spring is the start of a new garden year and that means you will need as much rainwater as you can get before you turn to mains water.


We have fantastic collection of water tanks and water butts which can be used to collect rainwater.

UK made water tanks and water butts made to international standards.



Water Butts


Insulated Water Tanks

Prepare for the winter with an Insulated Water Tank.

Our Insulated water tanks have been specially manufactured to stop you water from freezing. Every insulated water tank comes with 1" BSP outlet fitted as standard, also an inspection lid is fitted, these vary in size depending our size water tank you buy.

Not every water tank has to be black, we offer a range of colours which can be used to make a better looking water tank.

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Insulated Water Tanks

Baffled Water Tanks

Do you transport water regularly? Are you a Car Valeter or Window Cleaner?

These opaque baffled water tanks are ideal for car valeting and window cleaning as the water level is visible.

The baffled disrupts the movement of the water when the vehicle is in motion; making it safer when handling corners.

Fitted to the top of the tanks is an 8" vented lid, perfect for inspecting the tank or installing a submersible water pump.

These baffled water tanks are available in many sizes and all come with either a ¾" or a 1" BSP outlet. The 750 Litre baffled water tank has a 1½" BSP outlet for those needing a larger connection.

Baffled Water Tank 280 Ltr LayFlat
280 Litre Baffled Water Tank

Underground Water Tanks

Potable and Non- Portable Underground Water Tanks

You can also store your water underground in these industrial strength underground water tanks. Made from MDPE, these tanks are ideal for installing under patios, lawns and even concrete. With sizes from 280 litres up to 10,000 litres we are sure to have the right size for you. With the Ecosure underground water tanks, you can connect tanks together to create a larger volume.

Ecosure underground water tanks come with upto 4" in/outlets as standard. These can be used to connect standard 4" drainage, ideal for a rainwater feed.

Potable Water Tanks

Drinking Water Tanks

Store your drinking water in a fully vented potable water tank. Most are fitted with two 8" vented lid, this is perfect for installing bylaw30 kits also ideal for any necessary cleaning.


About Rainwater Harvesting

Our rainwater harvesting systems are available for the home, garden and commercial use. You can install these systems in to existing buildings as well as new builds.  All the parts and fittings used in our rainwater harvesting systems are standard UK fittings available in most hardware stores.

All our rainwater tanks / Water Butts have BSP outlets which are perfect for adding a standard garden brass tap to.  Our BSP outlets are available from ¾” to 2” on selected water tanks. Other outlets can be added to the tanks after production however they be plastic tank connector instead of the brass BSP inserts used in the manufacturing process. They also have a vented screw down lid which is available from 4” to 16”.

All the rainwater harvesting system and water butts are made in the UK which gives us the advantage to offer a next day if required (depending on stock levels).  This also means in the unlikely event of a replacement tank/part be required, we can get one to you quicker than most.

Rainwater Harvesting System

The basic principles involved with our rainwater harvesting systems are as follows; The rainwater falls on to your roof and follows its natural path down the guttering and then normally straight down the drain. At the this point you divert the rainwater into one of our inline cylindrical filters this then flows out of the filter and into the underground water tank. From here it depends on what you want to use the rainwater for, as to what pumping system you would need. If you were using the rainwater for a domestic purpose such as flushing the toilet, then you would need a stainless steel booster pump kit.  The water pump would be installed in your house or a place where it can’t get damp, wet and protected from frost, this would then have a pipe running down to the water tank which would suck water up through the pump and send it to where it needs to go. Attached to the pump is a small pressure switch which would turn the pump on when the tap or outlet is opened, it would then turn the pump off when the tap or outlet is closed.

If you want the rainwater collected to be used in the garden your would need a different pumping system, however you can run both domestic and garden water systems off of the pumping system mentioned above. However if you only want to water the garden and not have any rainwater domestic supplies then there is a simpler system.  With the garden system you would have a submersible water pump installed in the underground water tank, this would then be connected to a pressure switch which you install into the provided pressure switch house (or you can install anywhere else providing it is protected from the elements). Connect a brass garden tap to the pressure switch via the flexi tap connector provided and wire the pressure switch to the pump via the mains and this will work in the same way as the domestic system.

Best Online Prices

We aim to have best online prices for like-for-like items. If you find an identical water tank, water butt, rainwater harvesting etc we will match or better that prices. Call 0871 200 2082 stating where you saw this price.

UK Made Products

We pride ourselves in knowing that our products are made in the UK just outside Cambridge. We here at Water-Tank.co.uk fully support British manufacturing.

Expert Advice

Unsure about what rainwater harvesting system you need? Don't know what size what water tank you need? why not call our technical support team on 0871 200 2082. Our friendly team of experienced builders can help you with any query you might have.


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