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At Water Tank, we manufacture a wide range of water tanks in our UK factory, from small 75 litres to our large 25,000 litres. We take pride in manufacturing all of our Ecosure tanks to a high specification, ensuring that all of our tanks are durable.

Bunded Water Tanks

Water Tanks

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Rainwater Harvesting Systems

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Coloured Water Tanks

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Baffled Water Tanks

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Potable Water Tanks

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Water Butts


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Large Water Tanks

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Our Water Tanks

About ecosure tanks

1. Vented / Non Vented Lids
Our water tanks come standard with standard fitted, Vented and Non vented lids. They are available is sizes 4", 8", 14" and 16".

2. High grade Polyethylene (MDPE)
Our UK manufactured water tanks are high quality and only use high plastic polymers, to ensure we get the best quality moulding results.

3. BSP Outlet
A lot of our water tanks are moulded with a BSP outlet, making it easier for you to use. You can use it to connect a simple brass tap, or a shut off valve.


All our water tanks that we manufacturer are manufactured from high quality MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) which creates a durable, high quality and weather resistant product.

When manufacturing our tanks, we use the latest UV stabilization technology which protects the tanks, when in contact with direct sunlight, ensuring that the sun will not affect the integrity of the product by weakening it over time.

We ensure we deliver the best quality customer service to our customers, leaving them satisfied and happy with their purchase. If anyone has any product queries or problems, please call our friendly sales team on: 01763 261781 and they will be happy to help.


Water Tanks - Best Sellers

1050 litre water tank

1050 Litre Water Tank

1275 litre water tank

1275 Litre Water Tank

1450 litre water tank

1450 Litre Water Tank

1850 litre water tank

1850 Litre Water Tank

1900 litre water tank

1900 Litre Slimline Water Tank

2300 litre water tank

2300 Litre Water Tank

1950 underground water tank

1950 Litre

Underground Water Tank

rainwater harvesting system

1950 Litre Easy Hydro

Rainwater System

10000 litre water tank

10,000 Litre Water Tank



At Water Tank we sell a selection of agricultural products, such as fertilizer tanks, molasses tanks, milk tanks and sprayer tanks. We sell different sprayer filters too, which go great with our sprayer tanks - Perfect for your farming needs.

Our agricultural storage tanks are high quality manufactured in our UK factory, from the finest quality plastic. Impact and weatherproof, our agricultural tanks are perfect for farm life.

water tank reviews

Customer Reviews

David Blake - Birmingham

"Great help when ordering a rainwater harvesting system "

Annie White - Cambridgeshire

"Lots of products and very helpful customer service, thank you."

Samantha Kerry - Hertfordshire

"I decided to order a dog bath from water-tank as they looked durable compared to other pet store chains and came in a variety of colours. Slightly more cost wise but very high quality plastic, so would recommend!"

Mark Jones - Essex

"Right product at a good price "

Robert Curtis - Wales

"Was looking for rainwater storage. Thanks "

Hannah Davis - Cambridgeshire

"Good selection . My order arrived quickly, will order again."

Matthew Granger - Suffolk

"I ordered a water tank and the quality of the plastic, was a very good standard. Pleased that it was manufactured locally in the UK. Fast delivery."





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Water Tank Shop
A water tank shop offering slimline water tanks also underground water tanks
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UK manufactured storage tanks, selling both to trade and consumer.
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UK made rainwater harvesting systems ideal for the home and commercial use.
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British made water butts perfect for every garden large or small
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English Water Butts
Water Tanks by Ecosure
UK manufacturer of quality water tanks
Water tanks
UK largest selection of water tanks
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Pipes and fittings ideal for water oil and waste.


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Why not add some colour to your garden this summer with one of our garden planters? We have a new range of colours to choose from, such as summer pink, orange, purple and more.