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10000 Litre Rainwater Harvesting System

10000 Litre Rainwater Harvesting System


10000 Litre Rainwater Harvesting System Ref: ECOSUPCOM10000
Our Ecosure 10,000 litre Rainwater Harvesting Tank is an automatic rainwater harvesting system which you can use to collect and use water when you need it. This rainwater harvesting system is suitable for both Domestic and Commercial use.

This rainwater harvesting system consists of a high quality, industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) tank, which comes complete with pipe work connections, submersible pump and a water filter. This water system offers you great savings on main water consumption and help towards the environment.

Why install a rainwater harvesting system?
If you're looking to create an eco friendly home or you're looking to reduce the cost of your water bills, then a rainwater harvesting system is the answer. You could dramatically reduce your mains water usage by installing one of our systems. You can directly plumb rainwater to feed your toilet which will save you, on average, 8 litre per flush.

System benefits

- UK manufactured - Easy to install

- Lowers water bills

- Cleaner water without chemicals

- Kinder to plants

- Softer water

- Easy to use - Low maintenance

- Next delivery available

Why Ecosure Rainwater Harvesting Tanks?

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Made from rotationally moulded one piece MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene)

Uses UK standard 4" in/outlets

Neck ring included

Dimensions H:2370mm x D:2700mm
Outlet Upto 4"
Access Manhole Access
Weight 180kg
Capacity 10000 litres / 2

Product Description

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Ref: ECOSUPCOM10000 - 10000 Litre Rainwater Harvesting System