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400 Litre Rainwater Tank - Millstone V3 - 90 gallons

400 Litre Rainwater Tank - Millstone V3

Ref: ECO400V3-MSG


Our 400 litre slimline design, tough and durable water butt, is suitable for sliding into small spaces within the garden. Our 400 litre is manufactured in our UK factory, from high quality medium density polyethylene. Our 400 Litre comes fitted with an 8" vented lid and 1" BSP outlet, which is great for connecting a garden tap or even connecting water butts together. Any questions please call: 01763 261781

direct from the manufacturer

Water butts like these would not look out of place in any garden, with multiple colours and styles to choose from, maximise your garden space with a slimline water butt.

Water Butt Features:
  • High quality - Industrial Strength
  • Weatherproof - Resistant against corrosion
  • Easy to use - Free from maintenance

  • All Ecosure water butts are made from a seamless one piece mould. Design and manufacture is all done in house to ensure our high standards are met. This also gives us the advantage of being able to offer a next day service if required. Call 01763 261781 for more details

    Water Tank Details
    Height 1240mm
    Width 1000mm
    Depth 345mm
    Capacity 400 Litres
    Outlet 1" BSP
    Inlet 8" Screwdown Lid
    Weight empty 26 Kgs

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