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GRP Sectional Water Tanks

GRP Sectional Water Tanks

Fibreglass sectional tanks can be divided into compartments with stainless steel internal RHSs and cleats. Any divided section of a tank should not remain empty for more than 7 days to preserve the torque setting of the structure.

Pre-insulated panels use zero ozone depletion
polyurethane foam which is then covered with a
waterproof skin. Phenolic foam insulation is also
available to special order.

Access Hatches
All fibreglass tanks come with a raised access hatch which is secured by 4 stainless steel fixings with a special fingerfriendly top to enable the access hatch to be opened. To
complete the requirement a seal is located on the underside of the access. This seals the top from the ingress of dirt and moisture. The access can be modified to be hinged and lockable, if required.

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