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Rainwater Harvesting MiniSystem 500Litre

Rainwater Harvesting MiniSystem 500Litre
Rainwater Harvesting MiniSystem 500Litre Ref: ECOminsystem500
Please call for a price: 01763 261781

This is the ideal rainwater harvesting system, which will look great in any garden. You can collect rainwater from your house roof, shed roof or greenhouse roof, into a 500 Litre water butt. This then connects to our specially adapted chiminey pot planter, which has a built in water pump.

How Does It Work?
When you turn the tap on the pump switches its self on and sucks water from the tank and out of the tap.

System advantages

  • Easy to setup
  • UK manufactured
  • No digging required in your garden
  • Easy to use - Plug and go system

Water butt dimensions
Dimensions H:1010mm xW:460mm xL:1250mm
Outlet 1" BSP
Lid 9" Vented Lid
Weight 33 kg
Capacity 500 litres

Chimney pot planter / Watering post
Dimensions H:1030mm xW:360mm
Outlet Brass tap
Pipe connection 25mm
Weight 11kg