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25,000 litre water tanks - 5000 gallons

Ecosure 25,000 Litre Water Tank - 5000 gallons

Ref: ECO25000BLK


  • Our large 25,000 litre water tank is manufactured from tough quality plastic, weather and impact resistant. We also use UV stabilisation technologies to help prevent the Sun from effecting the plastic.
  • Its circular shape creates a strong tank.
  • Access to the tank can be made via the 600mm vented manhole access.
  • Tough plastic made 12mm thick to ensure a quality product
  • Smooth finish and rounded edges

Direct from the manufacturer

Perfect for commercial and agricultural usage, this large 25,000 litre water tank is suitable for non potable water storage.

On top of the tank are four possible in/out lets for you to connect your pipe work to. To allow you to connect large pipe our pipe connection places will allow sizes up to 4".

Access into the tank can be made via the 600mm vented lid on the top of the tank. This access can be used for any general maintenance required.

25,000 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
Dimensions H:4480mm x D:2700mm
Outlet 4"
Access Lid 600mm Diameter
Weight 530kg
Capacity 24,400 Litres
Download Water Tank Spec Sheet