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Hydroforce Submersible Water Pump

Hydroforce Submersible Water Pump

Ref: Hydroforce2


The HydroForce™ Series 3 is an electronically-controlled,
pressure-sensitive, submersible, centrifugal roto-dynamic
pump with no reciprocating parts.
• Pressure-sensitive (demand) pump which turns itself off until
there is a demand for water.
• Max head (nominal) 35 metres, pump pressure (nominal) at
outlet 3.5 bar, max suction 3 metres.
• Dry-run Protection: when no water is detected for 8 seconds,
the pump is turned off by the printed circuit board (PCB)
in order to protect the motor and pump from burning out.
Automatic reset after a period of 30 minutes. If water is still
not detected, subsequent reset periods are 1.5 hours, 3
hours, 7 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours then back to the beginning
of the cycle. Additionally, a thermal switch, not connected to
the PCB, turns the pump off when motor overheats. It resets
when cool which make take several hours. • NEW: Alloy bulkhead (pictured below), pressure release gap
and twin chamber design prevents ingress of water to motor,
electrical components and to bearing oil.
• NEW: Double bearing seal prevents egress of bearing oil.
• NEW: Alloy bulkhead dissipates motor heat to water in
the second chamber.
• NEW: Logic processors in PCB prevent other pump anomalies
and permit factory programming of reset timings.
• NEW: Inlet cartridge filter, inlet strainer and output pipe
connector are factory-fitted and the seals tested to ensure
proper running of the pump.
• Guaranteed for 2 years.
• Electricity consumption 800 watts at 220-240 Volts AC 50
Hz (requires 10 or 13 amp fuse and RCD mains socket).
Connection cable 10m H07RN-F.
• Inlet port to the non-removable filter 1 inch (25mm) female
BSP. Output port 1 inch (25mm) female BSP provided with
push-fit connector for 1 inch (25mm) MDPE pipe (11/4 inch
(32mm) connector option by special order).
• Dimensions L 565 W 185 H 260 mm, weight 13.1 kgs.