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Watchman Alarm Fuel Tank Alarm and Contents Gauge

Watchman Alarm Fuel Tank Alarm and Contents Gauge



Watchman Alarm you can monitor your oil tank contents 'at a glance' from your home, no need to walk outside to the tank. In the event of the oil level in the tank dropping at an unusual rate the receiver will emit an audible alarm.

How it works
The Watchman Alarm Oil Tank Contents Gauge and Alarm consists of a battery operated ultrasonic transmitter installed on your oil tank, which wirelessly transmits a signal for up to 200 metres to the receiver plugged in to a standard 230 volt electrical socket in your home or office so you never run out of oil again!

Product Features:

Alarm feature (if the oil drops more than 1.5cm a minute an audible alarm will sound)

Quick and easy to install

Suitable for all types of tank, steel or plastic

Can transmit up to 200 metres

Can measure the tank contents on tanks up to 3 metres inside height

Optional audible setting with a buzzing tone, when tank contents run low.

Compatible with most fuels including home heating oil (kerosene), diesel and red diesel.

Will also fit a 38mm (1.5") female socket found on most steel tanks (please check your tank first)

Comes with complete instalation & set up instructions

12 Months replacement guarantee